Probability and Statistics

Data Analysis/Graphing + Responding to Charlottesville & Exploring School Segregation

Task is designed for (prospective) mathematics teachers to reflect on events in Charlottesville and consider school segregation in their local school district. An adapted version of the task could be used with students.

Probability + Racial bias in the legal system

Students use probability to investigate possible racial bias in the legal system in the context of controversial events in Jena, Louisiana involving 6 Black high school students.

Data Analysis/Graphing + Unfair labor wages

Students explore the fairness of labor wages around the world and how wages impact trade with different countries by organizing data into bar graphs, pie charts, and line graphs.

Data analysis + School demographics

Previously, students worked with various types of graphs (including line graphs and bar graphs). They know many things – that they need axes, a title, a scale, etc, but struggle to interpret what the graph communicates. This lesson will help them to make sense of the ideas they already have about the different types of graphs. Additionally, the context of the graphs involves demographic information about the students at the high school, providing the opportunity for them to critically examine the story data tell about their school.

Data analysis/probability + Racial profiling in traffic stops

Students use a probability simulation to investigate racial profiling in the traffic stops of Black and Brown people while driving.