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School Discipline Data

These data snapshot provided by the US Department of Education Office for Civil Rights provides data on school suspension rates by race, gender and disability status. There is also some information about other forms of discipline.

School Suspension & Racism

In this article, a mother shares her story of how her 3 year old Black son has been suspended 5 times. The article cites statistics and provides a link to a study that found that white, female undergraduates viewed black boys as older and less innocent than their white peers.

Schools Discipline for Girls Differs by Race and Hue

New York Times article by Tanzina Vega – “The message we send when we suspend or expel any student is that that student is not worthy of being in the school,” Ms. Lhamon said. “That is a pretty ugly message to internalize and very, very difficult to get past as part of an educational career.”

Education Reform – Too White?

This opinion pieces argues that the education reform movement is too white to do any good in schools where students are predominantly Black and Brown. The author cites statistics related to school closures, charters, and Black and Brown parents’ and educators’ role in reform.

Why Teachers of Color Quit

Citing statistics that teachers of color leave teaching at higher rates than white teachers do, the author shares his personal experience with TFA in Oakland, CA and describes why he (a Latino male) decided to leave the teaching profession.

11 Problems with Standardized Testing

A former teacher of the year describes his choice to leave the teaching profession because standardized testing’s impact on creativity and innovation in the classroom.

Schools of the Future?

Interesting read that argues the need for learning by doing and discovering.

Standardized Testing

This article contains lots of interesting information about research related to standardized testing and presents one professor’s struggles after suggesting that standardized tests do not measure learning.

Hands Up, Don’t Test: Police brutality and the repurposing of education

Conversation with Jesse Hagopian and @edushyster about the connection between the recent rise in student protests against police brutality and high-stakes, standardized testing.

The Problems with the Common Core By Stan Karp

Martin Luther King Jr. and the Common CoreA critical reading of close reading By Daniel E. Ferguson

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