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equity & social justice in mathematics education


Frances is an associate professor of STEM (Mathematics) education at the University of Tennessee in the Department of Theory & Practice in Teacher Education. Her research broadly focuses on issues of equity and social justice in mathematics education, teacher education, and family engagement, particularly within urban contexts. She strives to understand parents’, teachers’, and students’ experiences with efforts towards social and racial justice in and through mathematics.

Frances has experience teaching high school mathematics in various urban contexts and English at junior high schools near Tokyo, Japan. Frances was also the mathematics and reading instructor at an after-school program, which included over 200 PK-12 students. She has been involved with professional development for mathematics educators in different capacities, and she has lead courses for prospective secondary and elementary mathematics teachers. As a practitioner-researcher, she works to refine her own teaching and partnership work to encourage more nuanced understanding of equity and social justice issues in mathematics.

Frances earned her PhD in mathematics education at Michigan State University (2017) and two master’s degrees related to mathematics education, one at Harvard University in Mathematics for Teaching (2011) and the second at Stanford University in Curriculum and Teacher Education (2012). In her spare time, Frances enjoys gardening and walking with her pups.

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