solving world problems

equity & social justice in mathematics education

solving world problems is a pun on the way that word problems in math often have little to do with the real world. This site provides resources and information for math teachers, teacher educators, parents, and students to problematize what matters in mathematics education

This page is created & maintained by Frances K. Harper, PhD.

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Recent Publications

Anderson, B.N., Coleman-King, C., Wallace, K., & Harper, F.K. (2022). Advancing critical and culturally relevant experiential learning: Preparing future educators in collaboration with practicing teachers to support STEM engagement in urban schools. The Urban Review. 

Harper, F. K., Stumbo, Z., & Kim, N. (2021). When robots invade the neighborhood: Learning to Teach PK-5 mathematics leveraging both technology and community knowledgeContemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education. 21(1).

Harper, F. K., Rosenberg, J. M., Compberry, S., Howell, K., & Womble, S. (2021). #mathathome during the COVID-19 pandemic: Exploring and reimagining resources and social supports for parentsEducation Sciences11(2), 60. 

Harper, F. K., Maher, E. M., & Jung, H. (2021). Whiteness as a stumbling block in learning to teach mathematics for social justiceInvestigations in Mathematics Learning. 13(1), 5-17.
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