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Understanding the Gender Pay Gap

This NYTimes article provides some statistics about the Gender Pay Gap (women make 20% less than men) with links to research that consider the complexity of factors that help explain the persistent gap: differences in the type of work by gender; decreasing pay when fields become dominated by women; and differences in pay by gender for the same jobs.

10 Words Every Girl Should Learn

This article describes the ways in which women and girls have an unequal voice in various settings. Some basic statistics are provided. For lesson ideas see my post.

Google Searches Show Sexism

This article describes and includes examples of ads from a campaign launched by UN Women. Using actual Google auto-completion for phrases like “women don’t…” or “women cannot…”, the campaign highlights how gender inequality is a worldwide problem.

Male allies

This article isn’t very math heavy, but it could be interesting for male students to think about their role as allies.


Not There Yet

This site provides data to explore the gains that women and girls have made over the last 20 years towards gender equality, as well as suggestions for taking action towards even greater equality.

Women working everywhere expect the U.S.

This article contains a graph that shows the percentage of women in various countries who are part of the workforce over time.

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