Updated Links & Resources!

Please forgive my long absence! I’ve been busy this summer writing two book chapters. One I co-authored with Sheila Orr, where we described our collaborative efforts to plan and enact the literacy unit in her classroom last year. The chapter will appear in a book that explores teaching for social justice in a world of Common Core standards.

In the second chapter, I described my own experiences as a mathematics teacher and how those experiences have helped me to understand my own white privilege, as well as racism within the US education system. In the chapter, I discuss how I draw on those experiences when talking about issues of social justice and equity with prospective teachers. The chapter is set to appear in a book on white faculty’s attempts to interrogate whiteness in STEM and STEM education classrooms. I’ll share more details about these chapters as they’re available.

But now that those are done, I finally have some time to devote to regularly updating this site. I spent some time this evening updating the links page. There are now some varied resources available with information on issues related to education, prison, sexism, standard of living, poverty and wealth inequality. The links are organized by category, and each link is accompanied by a brief description. I have lots of other links to add to the page, and I’ll work on getting those up this month. Please check it out and let me know what you find useful and what you’d like to see!

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