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equity & social justice in mathematics education

recommended readings

This page contains links to recommended readings, videos, or resources & brief descriptions of those readings/resources. Also, see posts that discuss additional resources.

Understanding Issues of Equity & Social Justice in Education & Society

Thinking Critically With & About Mathematics

  • HowNotToBeWrong
    How not to be wrong: The power of mathematical thinking
    by Jordan Ellenberg –  This book “requires no more math than pre-algebra and yet introduces the reader to complex mathematical ideas by tackling problems concerning obesity, the lottery, cancer, the home run derby, political predictions, creationism, hidden messages in the Torah, heredity, crime and punishment, and dozens of other topics. Jordan Ellenberg takes readers by the hand and leads them through the development of mathematical analyses that illuminate the issues at stake.” (Kohl, 2015 – Rethinking School vol 29)
  • Lies, Damned Lies & ‘Proofiness’ – In this NPR article, a book author discusses the idea of ‘proofiness’ – the over-reliance on exact numbers to validate claims. He discusses how numbers can be misleading and why it is important to be critical consumers of quantitative information.

Thinking and Talking about Social Justice Issues with Students

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