Equitable Teaching Strategies: Webinar

Interested in learning more about ways to help every student reason and make sense of mathematics? The Global Math Department‘s newest webinar will explore at least NINE equitable math teaching strategies with Dr.┬áMarilyn Strutchens. REGISTER HERE About This Webinar In this session, we will focus on strategies that have been shown to help each and … More Equitable Teaching Strategies: Webinar

Adapting Rich Mathematical Tasks: Guiding questions & resources

I recently received Smarter Together! Collaboration and Equity in the Elementary Mathematics Classroom as a gift. Although written for elementary teachers, the book offers some great insights and resources applicable to teachers at all grade levels. The authors (in Chapter 7 & Appendix B) provide guidance for adapting existing mathematical tasks to be more “groupworthy” — requires … More Adapting Rich Mathematical Tasks: Guiding questions & resources

Lesson plans available

I’ve recently uploaded 2 lesson plans to the “lesson plans” page on this site. The first is a lesson plan that I recently co-planned with Sheila Orr, which she enacted in her classroom near the beginning of the school year. Mrs. Orr teaches Algebra Foundations (pre-Algebra) in an urban high school, which had a school-wide … More Lesson plans available