I’ve recently uploaded 2 lesson plans to the “lesson plans” page on this site. The first is a lesson plan that I recently co-planned with Sheila Orr, which she enacted in her classroom near the beginning of the school year. Mrs. Orr teaches Algebra Foundations (pre-Algebra) in an urban high school, which had a school-wide initiative to focus on literacy across the content areas. Mrs. Orr wanted to use mathematics to help her students think about why literacy might be a worthwhile focus and to explore differences in literacy rates. The lesson that we developed using the mathematical topics of variables and variable expressions, along with basic statistics, to help students explore literacy and to develop an action plan for impacting literacy in their own community. See the “lesson plans” page for more details.

The second lesson that I have posted was co-developed with two fellow students at Stanford University as part of a Curriculum Construction course. We developed this lesson for a teacher at an early college high school in southern Texas. The students in that school take pride in their local communities, so we developed a plan that would allow them to explore their local communities and showcase why they think their communities are great places to live. This lesson was developed for a geometry class, and focus on using properties of circles. 

Please feel free to use and adapt these lessons, and I’d love to hear how the lessons go if you enact them in your classrooms!