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Promoting Rigorous Outcomes in Mathematics and Science Education

Funding: National Science Foundation
Dates: 2003-2009

Promoting Rigorous Outcomes in Mathematics and Science Education ( PROM/SE) is a National Science Foundation Cooperative Partnership focused on research and development effort to improve the teaching and learning of science and mathematics in grades K-16 through the use of data and evidence, with commitment to high standards and expectations for all students.

PROM/SE is a five-year project to improve mathematics and science teaching and learning in nearly 70 school districts in Michigan and Ohio , and at Michigan State University . The partners include:Michigan State University; SMART Consortium (greater Cleveland, OH); High AIMS Consortium(greater Cincinnati, OH); Ingham County, MI Intermediate School District (greater Lansing, MI);Calhoun County, MI Intermediate School District; St. Clair County, MI Intermediate School District.

Goals of PROM/SE include:

  • Establishing the ability to collect, interpret, and disseminate district-specific assessment data that is useful in identifying and understanding the structural “gaps” in student performance relative to international, state, and local benchmarks for mathematics and science achievement.
  • Helping school districts and teachers to analyze and “unpack” the Michigan and Ohio grade-level content expectations (standards) and apply them through classroom instruction to address these “gaps” in student performance.
  • Creating professional development resource systems for teachers that build capacity to analyze data, implement high expectations, eliminate gaps, and raise assessment performance for all students. Develop “virtual” technologies that will play a significant role in accomplishing this goal.
  • Improving pre-service teacher education and preparation in four-year colleges and universities such as Michigan State University.
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