Geometry & Measurement


Students use their knowledge of measuring to explore, compare, make predictions about, and order lengths of familiar objects (crayons & cubes).

Ordering Lengths

Children compare the lengths of three objects and use comparison words such as long, longer, longest to gain comparison skills with middle-sized objects.

Shape Up!

Children work together to identify shapes by name and then piece them together to create a larger shape.

Area & Volume

Students work with rectangular prisms of different dimensions in order to explore the relationship between area and volume.


Students explore the properties of rectangles, squares, rhombi, and trapezoids and create problems that highlight the properties of each quadrilateral for their classmates to solve.

Centers of Triangles

Students explores centers of triangles (incenter, circumcenter, orthocenter & centroid) using Geogebra. Then, they use the properties of points of concurrency to decide where to place a clean water source or a factory that produces water filters for a community that has limited access to clean drinking water.