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This page provides two types of resources for creating lessons that connect mathematics topics and social justice issues: (1) more general resources for teaching for social justice, with some resources specifically for teaching mathematics for social justice & (2) links to news articles and other resources that you may find helpful when trying to connect mathematics to specific social justice issues.

Resources for Teaching (Mathematics) for Social Justice

  • 1301087088_sm
    A collection of resources for teaching social justice
    – put together by Cult of Pedagogy
  • – links to download or access over 700 lesson plans, articles, data sets, etc. to help you teach social justice in the math classroom
  • Rich Math Tasks – Check out my post about
    finding rich mathematical tasks, as a great place to start for adapting tasks for equitable and socially just teaching.
  • Teaching Maths for Social Justice – A teacher research group in London created this site to share activities and resources for social justice math teaching.
  • Math and the World – A blog by Dr. Matt Felton-Koestler that includes resources for social justice mathematics teaching and child-centered mathematics.
  • Rethinking Mathematics (2013)- edited by Rico Gutstein & Bob Peterson – A must have for anyone interested in teaching mathematics for social justice. This book contains lesson ideas but also reflections on what it means to teach math for social justice and what challenges you’ll face.
  • Math that Matters (2007)- by David Stocker – over 50 lesson plans that connect mathematics and social justice issues (new edition coming in 2017!)
  • – This site is designed for mathematics teacher educators, but it includes sample lesson plans that draw on community & cultural resources, developed for elementary mathematics students
  • Teaching Tolerance – Provides lessons, which could be adapted to use in mathematics
  • Free pdf of books on race, gender, sexuality, class and culture – For your and/or your students to read and reference.
  • 40 Maps that explain the world – These maps include a wide variety of topics, such as religion by country, racial tolerance, ethnic diversity, gay rights, etc. These maps could be helpful across a variety of lessons.
  • Abolitionist Teacher Toolkit This site is created by Josh Bowers & Sarah McSweeney. They provide resources and tools for abolitionist teaching.

Resources for Exploring Social Justice Issues

These pages provide links to news articles or other resources organized by social justice topic. These resources may be helpful for understanding social justice issues, more broadly. Or, if you have identified a social justice issues that is relevant to your students, you might use these resources to help you think about how to explore the issue using mathematics. There is a brief description for each link and some possible ways that you might use mathematics to think about the issue.


Education & school issues

Environmental & climate justice

Legal issues

Poverty & Wealth Distribution



Standard of Living

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