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STEM for Appalachia (SFA): Growing STEM problem solvers through books, storytelling, and family engagement

Principal Investigator: Lynn Hodge
Co-Principal Investigators: Frances K. Harper & Kristen Rearden
Funding: TN Department of Economic and Community Development’s Appalachian Regional Commission Grant
Dates: 2019-2020

STEM for Appalachia (SFA): Growing STEM Problem Solvers Through Books, Storytelling, and Family Engagement is a one-year project that has one overarching goal: To equip families with opportunities, knowledge, and resources to support students in learning and developing a love of STEM and Literacy which will contribute to workforce preparation. This goal was developed in light of unemployment rates, levels of poverty, and educational attainment of adults in six focus counties of East Tennessee. These counties include Campbell, Union, Scott, Grainger, Claiborne, and Hancock. The project will include partnerships with school districts in these counties and the head start programs present in four of these counties. To accomplish the project goal, we leverage two structures: Family STEM and Community Nights for elementary students and STEM Stories Family Sessions for preschool children and parents.

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