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TEAM Teachers’ Circle

Tennessee Eastern & Appalachian Math Teachers’ Circle

Principal Investigator: Anne Ho
Co-Principal Investigators: Frances K. Harper & Lynn Hodge
Funding: American Institute of Mathematics Teachers’ Circle Seed Grants
Dates: 2019-2020

This project will establish a new Math Teachers’ Circle (MTC) with host institution of the University of Tennessee in Knoxville (UTK).  To start, the first year of MTC events will be hosted in Knoxville, which is at the center of an area with a mix of urban and rural schools, all of which are part of the Appalachian region. Economically, many counties in this region are classified as transitional (e.g. Knox county), at-risk (e.g. Campbell county), or even distressed (e.g. Cocke county) because they contain higher numbers of low-income families (Appalachian Regional Commission 2019). 

A MTC Network small grant will provide the funding for the first year of programming (2019-2020), which includes six sessions in the year (ideally, this will be two in the fall, two in the spring, and two in the summer). These sessions will be facilitated by the leadership team for the first year as the MTC collectively develops a vision for the local chapter based on the needs of its members. Every session will be two hours long and include a meal and supplies. The school year sessions will be in the evenings or weekends to accommodate for teachers’ work schedules.  The two summer sessions will be chosen to be convenient for teachers’ from a range of schools. 

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