Geometric Reasoning

Flower Power

Student use geometric shapes to create flower patterns, like florists at a local flower shop.

By: Alexa Basinger, Virginia Cottam, & Keely Dunavin

Shapes & Pizza

Students use Geometric Shapes Building Set to construct 2-D and 3-D geometric shapes based on things they see at the Pizza Parlor (a local pizza restaurant).

By: Allie Blake, Rachel Bossong, & Luke Saunders

Playground Design

Students use explore different ways to design and build a playground.

By: Hazel Weatherby & Macey Wolfenbarger

Pumpkin Pi

Students find the “fattest” pumpkin using string, scissors, and a ruler. They will also have the chance to find Pi.

By: Maddie Erber, Amanda Hackett, & Katelyn Wright

Construction Site

Children use shapes to build a construction site or other buildings around their school.

By: Emily Dodson, Bri McCurry, & Carrigan Robichaud

New Addition to the Animal Center

Students use their knowledge of perimeter and area to design a new addition to Young Williams Animal Center.

By: Monica Beaumont & Brianna Watkins

Shape Building

Using the Geometric Shapes Building Set, children make a 2D or 3D geometric structure or shape (e.g. square pyramid, cube, triangle, square, pentagonal pyramid, etc.). They then determine how many vertices and edges their structure has.

By: Alison Cochran, Mandy Greene, & Tessa Person