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Fractional & Proportional Reasoning

Children decompose measurements in the form of halving by visualizing how to divide a series of numbers in half.

By: Elizabeth Shanks, Anna-Grace Cathey, Reed Vergos, Jessi Frazier

A fully ONLINE interactive lesson that guides students to explore budgeting and fair sharing pizza with their family.

By: By Emilie Rogofsky & Paige Parker

Students will determine how to divide hair to create braiding designs they see in a picture and will discuss the different fractions that are involved in braiding.

By Tori Williams and Ciarra Kellogg

Children become a veterinarian and help write a prescription for one to five pet patients that vary in weight.

By: Bobbie Gillespie, Jordan Hudgins, & Madison Kofoed

Students use concepts of number conversions, measuring in cups, reading charts, and fraction equivalents to discover how much food each dog at the local animal shelter should be fed.

By: Lucy Fall and Lexie Vaughn

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