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Number Sense & Operations

A fully ONLINE interactive lesson designed to build on understanding of multiplication & division.

By: Carly Brown

A fully ONLINE interactive lesson that includes addition problems and navigating a map.

By: Nicole Dyke, Marine Dupes, & Maria Kramer

Students make decisions related to time and money as they play an online board game called Life: East Knoxville Edition. The goal of the game is to complete all of your errands over a 2 hour period with $25 to spend.

By Ally Key & Cassandra Altuzar

Students manipulate shapes on a geoboard and on graph paper to understand area as the space taken up by a plot and division as an equal amount in each group.

By: Sarah Benson & Peyton Motley

Students create a “daily special” for the local Stop-N-Go by choosing from a variety of ingredients and staying within budget and earning a profit. Click here for task card.

By: Emily Bernier & Stephanie Smith

Teachers, students, and families sit at a table together, with counters, paper, and pencils and figure out how many feet are beneath the table without looking.

By: Jess Corliss & Hannah Maddox

Students explore how many combinations they can make by matching ice cream flavors and toppings.

By: Carolyn Hodge & Brianna Hays

Students get a certain amount of money to spend at the market. They are asked to show all the different ways they could spend the amount of money they are given.

By: Kristen Chandler, Kelsey Fields, Hannah Peterson, & Allyson Sullivan

Students roll dice and reason about the numbers to add their choice of “toppings” to make pizza.

By: Ali Kessling & Susanna Lowy

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