Number Sense

Feet Under the Table

Teachers, students, and families sit at a table together, with counters, paper, and pencils and figure out how many feet are beneath the table without looking.

By: Jess Corliss & Hannah Maddox

JB’s Market Mapping

Students will be given the task of finding the best path to take to pick up all the produce for JB’s Corner Market. The task requires counting by 1’s or 10’s and planning a pathway for a dash robot.

By: Taylor Bishop & Kali Williams


Children program a robot mouse to move through a grid to a location of their choice.

By: Andy Detter & Savannah Householder

Paper Greenhouses

Students sort and count pumpkin and bean seeds and build a greenhouse for seeds to grow.

By: Lindsay Remeta and Megan Jeffcoat

Feeding Furry Friends

Students will use concepts of number conversions, measuring in cups, reading charts, and fraction equivalents to discover how much food each dog at the local animal shelter should be fed.

By: Lucy Fall and Lexie Vaughn

S’mores Station

Students will be asked to follow a recipe card where they must measure out a specified amount of ingredients for their s’more mixture. Then, they must experiment with the weights given in order to make the weights match the weight of the mixture that they create.

By: Sarah Wade, Grace Slaughter, and Brianna Rhittenhouse

Ice Cream Party

Students explore how many combinations they can make by matching ice cream flavors and toppings.

By: Carolyn Hodge and Brianna Hays

Fresh Produce

Students get a certain amount of money to spend at the market. They are asked to show all the different ways they could spend the amount of money they are given.

By: Kristen Chandler, Kelsey Fields, Hannah Peterson, & Allyson Sullivan